Cocopeat Hydroponics Farm in Uran

Size: 1000 Sq.Mtr.

Location: Uran, Mumbai

No. of plants: 3000

Case Description

This farm is situated near the coastal regions of extended Mumbai. It is cocopeat tough based hydroponics farm in a naturally ventilated polyhouse structure. The farm can produce 50 Tonnes of Cucumber every year. It has automated fetigation system. 

Case Results

The farm is running from last 2+ years. The farmer has used same cocopeat for two years by sterilizing it after every harvest. They had 7 successful harvests till this date. The produce for its premium quality gets premium pricing. Off season production allows our client to achieve greater profits even in APMC markets that offer low prices to farmers. 



It is a low investment farm with low input cost.


Growing media used is washed cocopeat with TDS equals to zero.


The farm is highly effective due to Farmvary’s Cucumber special nutrients and effective humidity control equipment.

Commercial vertical NFT farm in Vajreshwari

Number of heads: 22400

Location: Vajreshwari

Case Description

Situated within 50kms from boundaries of Mumbai city, Farmvary has successfully implemented this designer, economic and managerial masterpiece. Branded as Vegico farms, this project is a marquee development as it has certain features that are highly innovative and state of the art. The farm has polycarbonate sheet polyhouse structure and vertical NFT systems. 

Case Results

The farm is running for last 7 months. The farm has capacity to produce 300kg of leafy vegetables everyday. The produce coming form it is sent to BigBasket and other distributors fetching good prices. The polycarbonate sheet structure allows effective cooling in summers. Farmvary’s leafy special nutrients are showing good results and the farmer is getting good quality produce without any deficiences. Dedicated LED enabled seedling area allows grower to plan his production cycle in such a way that he can harvest daily/alternate days/weekly as per buyers’ requirements, enabling him to maintain cash flows effectively



The farm consists of Polycarbonate greenhouse that allows isolation from outside heat allowing our client to grow high value exotic herbs in hot Mumbai summers.


A unique and highly effective vertical NFT design allowed grower to grow 22,000 plants in an area of 500 Square Meter.

Commercial Hybrid Aquaponics farm

Place: Pune, Maharashtra

Total Area: 100 Sq.Mtr.

Case Description

This 100 Sq. Mtr.  aquaponics farm is a mini setup build by Farmvary which provides leafy vegetables, fruits and fish to 4 families. The farmer sells few of the produce to local communities.

Case Results

The farm is running for from last 9 months. After few deficiencies in the initial phase the farm is now completely in maturity phase. No deficiencies are present when 3ppm iron is supplemented every three weeks. The hydroponics system as well as fish tank and filters are  inside a naturally ventilated polyhouse. 



Completely organic


Fish feed is the only input of plant nutrients


Mixed crop seasonal production

Commercial horizontal hydroponics farm

Place: Darjeeling, West Bengal

Total Area: 1000 Sq.Mtr.

Number of heads: 17800


Farmvary provides materials and design assistance to multiple aspiring hydroponics farmers all across the country. We have provided NFT systems and automation units to our client in Darjeeling enabling him to grow exotic herbs and leafy greens. Amazing weather support in a colder region such as Darjeeling allows our client to grow vegetables throughout the year and provides him competitive advantage over others.


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