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Welcome to Farmvary!

Our job is to provide you every resource you need to build and manage a hydroponics or aquaponics farm.

We provide the entire spectrum of products that are required for building a commercial Hydroponics farm, we provide top-notch Greenhouses that are known for allowing farmers to grow cool weather crops in hot Indian summers.

We, at Farmvary, believe in providing tailor-made farm designs pertinent to the client’s requirements, budget and ecological as well as marketing advantages, we enable aspiring youngsters and second-generation farmers to upgrade to innovative agriculture.

What makes Farmvary a better consultant is honesty, transparency, timely delivery and fulfilling promises, we have proven that Hydroponics and Aquaponics can be profitable, cost effective and an Eco-friendly method of growing vegetables and fruits in India, where the Agriculture faces many challenges with respect to harsh weather conditions, extreme competition, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We, at Farmvary, promote residue free and chemical free produce, we have identified and partnered with trusted channels for selling our top-quality produce for a fair price.  



We work with utmost honesty towards our client’s investment. We believe in realistic and honest picturization of project’s feasibility, profitability and scalability.


We are transparent about use of materials, source of materials and payment transactions while implementing the project.


We believe in innovating our way through a challenging industry, we build farms that are dynamic and adapt to the new edge technological needstings.


Commercial Hydroponics

Farmvary offers variety of products and services for commercial hydroponics farming. We provide end to end services for building and maintaining commercial the hydroponics farm.

Commercial Aquaponics

FARMVARY is the first company in India which provide commercial aquaponics farm building services. We have inhouse aquaponics scientist which makes farm design and maintainance phase simple and efficient. 

Commercial Hydroponics nutrients

We provide customized hydroponics nutrients for commercial farming purpose. Nutrient recipes are formulated based on plant species, growing phase, weather, sunlight duration.

Polyhouse construction

Polyhouse farming is a way of protected cultivation in agriculture. .Polyhouses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization, fruit crop growing for export market.


Hydroponics training and education

We periodically conduct free and paid lectures, workshops on Control environment agriculture which includes knowledge and practical training needed to manage commercial farming projects.

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